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    NTA Capacity Calculations


      My company has a need to present a business case for Netflow and the expansion/upgrade of NTA from NTA 3.11 to NTA 4.x, and thus I am tasked with presenting the data in a manner that stakeholders can grasp and that is in $$$s.  So what I would like to do is to calculate the cost of the upgrade and show that cost as it equates to the resources necessary and the trends of future growth. 


      Our Solarwinds instance is used to monitor customer gear and one of the things we would like to be able to do is to determine the Average PDUs generated over a group of nodes (or to determine the average per node across all nodes) vs the total number of nodes which have been enabled as a "NetFlow Source".  This will help me determine the average cost to provide Netflow services to a "typical" customer.  It will also allow me to create the "pretty dazzle graphs" that upper management is expecting out of me. 


      Does anyone know what I could possibly query to get any of the details I am looking for?

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          I actually figured this out, let me know if you can think of something better:

          USE databasename
          select NS.[Enabled],I.[NodeID],N.[Caption],NS.[InterfaceID],I.[InterfaceName] from [NetFlowSources] as NS
          join [Interfaces] as I ON NS.[InterfaceID]=I.[InterfaceID]
          join [Nodes] as N ON I.[NodeID]=N.[NodeID]
          where NS.[Enabled]=1 and N.[Caption] LIKE '%Node Name%'
          ORDER BY N.[Caption] ASC
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              Hi Billy,


              so you want a report (ideally with chart) that shows you average bits/s for each node/interface you monitor via NTA for some period of time - this is my understanding. the query above is just a list of nodes and interfaces but without any average bits/s for specific time. Maybe I'm missing the point. how about "average and peak traffic rates for last month" report we have OOTB in our NTA report writer. You can run it for specific node/interface if you want to:



              SELECT  TOP 10000 CONVERT(DateTime,

              LTRIM(MONTH(DateTime)) + '/01/' + LTRIM(YEAR(DateTime)),

              101) AS SummaryMonth,

              Nodes.NodeID AS NodeID,

              Interfaces.InterfaceID AS InterfaceID,

              Nodes.Caption AS NodeName,

              Nodes.VendorIcon AS Vendor_Icon,

              Interfaces.Caption AS Interface_Caption,

              Interfaces.InterfaceIcon AS Interface_Icon,

              AVG(InterfaceTraffic.In_Averagebps) AS AVERAGE_of_Average_Receive_bps,

              MAX(InterfaceTraffic.In_Maxbps) AS MAX_of_Peak_Receive_bps,

              AVG(InterfaceTraffic.Out_Averagebps) AS AVERAGE_of_Average_Transmit_bps,

              MAX(InterfaceTraffic.Out_Maxbps) AS MAX_of_Peak_Transmit_bps



              (Nodes INNER JOIN Interfaces ON (Nodes.NodeID = Interfaces.NodeID))  INNER JOIN InterfaceTraffic ON (Interfaces.InterfaceID = InterfaceTraffic.InterfaceID AND InterfaceTraffic.NodeID = Nodes.NodeID)


              GROUP BY CONVERT(DateTime, LTRIM(MONTH(DateTime)) + '/01/' + LTRIM(YEAR(DateTime)), 101),

              Nodes.NodeID, Interfaces.InterfaceID, Nodes.Caption, Nodes.VendorIcon, Interfaces.Caption, Interfaces.InterfaceIcon



              ORDER BY SummaryMonth ASC, 4 ASC, 6 ASC