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    FTP Voyager syncoptions


      Well i am confused with the syncoptions switchs. The documentation is very odd and not very straight forward.


      What i am needing to do is move all folders and their contents from a local folder to a remote folder that already has folders and files.   I need everything to remain on the remote and only add the new folder from the local, then clear the local folder.    A 'cut and paste into' type move.


      What option would i use?


      The 0  and 1 options seem to indicate it will delete everything on side A that is not on side B, and then copy side B files over to side A, thus being 'synced'.


      I need more of a move from side A and add to everything on side B.


      • syncoptions: The syncoptions flag specifies how a Synchronization will take place. To determine what value should be used, refer to the list at the bottom of this page. The value here must be a decimal representation of the sum of all applicable hex values. If no other options are specified, the synchronization process will upload or download missing files from the master, and delete files from the target that are missing from the master. The simplest syncoptions are the following:
        • syncoptions=0 - synchronize a remote folder to a local folder. The master is the local folder, and the remote folder is getting synchronized to match it.
        • syncoptions=1 - synchronize a local folder to a remote folder. The master is the remote folder, and the local folder is getting synchronized to match it.
      • SyncRemote = 0x0000
      • SyncLocal = 0x0001
      • IgnoreCase = 0x0002
      • CompareSize = 0x0004
      • CompareTime = 0x0008
      • IncludeDirs = 0x0010
      • DontDelete = 0x0020
      • OverwriteConfirmations = 0x0040
      • DeleteConfirmations = 0x0080
      • RemoteIgnoreNewer = 0x0100
      • RemoteIgnoreOlder = 0x0200
      • LocalIgnoreNewer = 0x0400
      • LocalIgnoreOlder = 0x0800
      • MinimizeStatusDialogs = 0x1000
      • QueueErrorMessages = 0x2000
      • IgnoreSymbolicLinks = 0x4000