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    SAM Upgrade to 6.2 - Alert Central No longer receiving Alerts


      Hi All,


      I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction with this. We upgraded SAM to 6.2 and then a couple of weeks later alert central is not been performing right. I am not sure if it s directly related to the upgrade


      Reboots seemed to fix the issue but that no longer works. I have recreated the source to SAM without any filtering and nothing come in.


      I have checked the subscriptions database and can see Solarwinds thinks it is send ok:-


      3A65F8BE-4EC2-4A21-B217-9A4AA91CB767http://wintelalerts.xxxx.xxxx.int:80/Orion/AlertNotification/OnIndicationSUBSCRIBE Orion.AlertIndication2015-05-21 09:25:00.6570NULLsystem:fullJsonUsernameHttpNULLNULL1


      I am not sure what else I can check on alert central maybe. Any help will be appreciated.