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    Report Availability of trunk interfaces!



      my company asked me to report the average availability on Trunk interfaces. I tried to generate a custom report but have not done so. any suggestions?


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          To the best of my knowledge, you can't get the interface operation type from SNMP. For that, you'd need to have a copy of the switch configs, and for that you'll be needing Network Configuration Manager (if you're looking to automate the entire process). Once the configs have been backed up using NCM, you should be able to create a report which parses the configs and pulls out which interfaces are trunk interfaces, and from there cross reference this with the interface availability from NCM.


          Plan B would be to add a new custom property to your interfaces, call it say 'Trunk_Interface', with a yes/no data type, and assign this a value of 'Yes' to those interfaces which are trunks. You can then use the custom property in a report for interface avaialbility where 'Trunk_Interfaces' = 'YES'.


          Plan B would likely be cheaper, and arguably better considering all you're looking for is a report on interface availability at the end of the day, but it all depends on how many switches you have, and if you know which interfaces are trunks or not.

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            If you add captions to your interfaces, you can create a Historical Interface availability report, then filter on caption contains "trunk". I did a quick version of this and it works, but you would need to make sure it is on all of your trunk ports. It is funny in NPM I can see the interface charts have port mode, but it doesn't seem to be an option in the report writer.

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              There are 3 canned reports in NPM already (last 7 days, last month, and this month). Can you use one of those to get the information you need? If you want to report on only certain switches, use those reports as examples and only choose the devices you want.