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    Ipam wont update when importing from excel.


      Hi guys,


      I ran into a small issue with the import of ip.


      I need to fingurer out how I can import thees two files, so that they can get updated.



      I have tried more or less everything in the import function, but I cannot find a way so import from a excel file, so that I can get my description with here. I got around 600 subnets etc there need to be updated with a description so would be nice to just import the thing.


      The three structur is like this


      IP Networks

      - Datacenter

      - This subnet:


      In the excel file what paramter should I put in there and how should I import it? Like a ip address or like a group / subnet etc ??


      Hope someone out there can help me here... I am going crazy



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          I can't get you. You are worrying about subnet description then download the "Download an example spreadsheet with Subnets" from Import spread sheet link.


          Fill appropriate subnet information and  there is a field called "Descroption" fill that with your information.

          After importing process the subnets will be filled with description.

          Let me know If  i am completely dealing about different information.

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              I'm having the same issue.  I'm unable to import updates to existing subnets.  Based on what I see, you can't use the sample spreadsheet, fill in the appropriate information, and then import.  The response is always that the import overlaps with an existing subnet.  "Overlapping with subnet: x.x.x.x"


              To be clear, i'm not trying to update IP information within a subnet.  I'm trying to update the description of each subnet that already exists.

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                  Same issue here. I want to update subnet Description via an import.


                  I'm using Add Subnets & IP Addresses> Import subnets & IP addresses from a spreadsheet


                  Then I select This File Includes: Groups/Supernets/Subnets


                  I've tried importing with the following fields in a spreadsheet:


                  IP Address, Subnet Display Name, Subnet Address, Type, Description


                  The Wizard then has Subnet Column Mapping page with sections for Required Group information and Optional fields.

                  Required is only Type (i.e. Group, Supernet, Subnet, IPV6) - I choose Type, and my sheet has a column called Type, with the word Subnet.


                  I then pick the following Optional fields/Columns and pair them with the columns in the Import file:


                  Optional Column                                               Import Column


                  Address:                           Subnet Address

                  Display Name (i.e. 3rd floor):     Subnet Display Name

                  Group Description:                 Description


                  All other fields are set to Do Not Import.


                  The wizard ran without error, but no change is visible in Manage Subnets & IP Addresses.


                  I looked at the IPAM_GROUP table with Database Manager, and made a map of apparent similarities with the Manage Subnets & IP Addresses column headings based on the original subnet.


                  IPAM_GROUP field                            Manage Subnets & IP Addresses heading





                  Address                     Address



                  AddressMask                 Mask (i.e.

                  CIDR                        CIDR


                  FriendlyName                Display Name (i.e. 3rd floor)

                  Comments                    Group Description

                  VLAN                        VLAN

                  Location                    Location



                  ScanInterval                Scan Interval

                  NodeExpungeInterval         Node Expunge Interval







                  DisableAutoScanning         Disable Auto Scanning (i.e. Yes or No)



                  DisableNeighborScanning     Disable Neighbor Scanning (i.e. Yes or No)

                  NeighborScanAddress         Neighbor Scan Address

                  NeighborScanInterval        Neighbor Scan Interval

                  TransientPeriod             Transient Period


                  RetainUserData              Retain User Data (i.e. Yes or No)


                  no equivalent               Address/CIDR (i.e.


                  I found that the wizard simply appended the import to the end of the table, though it did match the parent group properly. It also set the proper Type value (8).


                  Oddly, it calculated the Address/CIDR and put that in the FriendlyName field of the table !?!


                  It put the Group Description/Description from the import into the Comments field, and threw away the Display Name/Subnet Display Name field from the import !?!


                  I exported the table to a CSV from Database Manager to determine all this.


                  I still have some reverse-engineering to do to map the Optional Column names to the IPAM_Group fields in order to find what field maps to Friendly Name.

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                Running into the same issue, any resolution?

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                  We've tried the import and export options for IPAM and found it lacking and it didn't work for us. In our instance we needed to build the hierarchy and populate everything manually and have over 700k  ip's.  This took many hours and many days and lots of caffeine. I myself have an opened feature request to hopefully get them to enhance so we can have better import export for ipam. For us, when we did manage to import anything it would just dump it in a folder instead of building everything out.


                  We had to fill in subnets, supernets, description, etc. It was highly frustrating but manually we got it done.


                  Not sure this will help any. But wanted to share since it's relevant to the post.