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    Newbie MSI Question


      Just curious if anyone else has had same thought or got one to work.  I was wondering if it was possible to merge a 32 bit MSI and 64 bit MSI into 1 MSI and have a script determine which one gets installed.  I was trying to find ways to not have so many packages separated between 32 and 64 bit.  Has anyone tried anything like this with Patch Manager?

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          Create a tiny executable (create a batch file per the following pseudocode and convert to .exe using tools like battoexe, etc)



          Install 64-bit version


          install 32-bit version


          Attach both MSI files as additional files and use the .exe created above as your source package

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              This will work but you will not get accurate reports of successful or failed updates since the script should always have a return code of 0. Managing multiple architecture packages really isn't a large hassle and having accurate reporting data is far more valuable than only having to approve one package versus two.