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    Have a list of nodes for which I need to change Polling from ICMP to SNMP ?


      I had my devices polled with ICMP, now need to change the Polling from ICMP to SNMP.

      Do I need to go in each node page and  change polling.  Is this any way to automate this?

      I need to do this for around 500 nodes.

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          All you need to do is:


          1. Click on ManageNodes (provided you have NodeManagement rights )
          2. From the Manage Nodes page, click on the GroupBy drop-down menu and select PollingMethod.
          3. Once on the PollingMethod, should should see the nodes that are polled via ICMP, SNMP, etc.
          4. Click on the box next to each of the nodes that you need to change polling to SNMP (NOTE #1: Click the box next to the Node title if you need ALL nodes changed).
          5. Click the EditProperties link once you've selected all the applicable nodes
          6. Click the box entitled PollingMethod and select Most Devices: SNMP and ICMP
          7. Type the SNMP read-only string you wish to use. (NOTE #2:  The same goes for the SNMP read-write string, if applicable)
          8. Click the Submit button (at the bottom of the web page) when done.

          NOTE #3: If you change the SNMP string for more than one node, the Test button will not appear.So, you have to be sure that the SNMP string typed is correct.

          By the way, if you wish to get a list of all nodes to be changed, I suggest for you to create a report instead of using the Export to PDF option.  That way, you can remove the banner and manipulate data. Lastly,

          I hope this helps.