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    How i can use Domain Name in Username?


      Dear Solarwinds community,

      In my company the Remote Desktop Manager ( Version ) manages the credentials and the login information for our remote service tool Dameware ( Version ). However the Remote Desktop Manager gets these login information for the authentication from another central programm, that is called Keypass ( Version ). This programm offers the functionality to store username and password from domain users, but, and that is the essential problem, it doesn´t have the capability to store the user name and the domain name separately. The result of that is, that every time the RDM ( Remote Desktop Manager ) requests login information from Keypass it receives :

      User: exampledomainname\administrator

      Password: examplepassword

      Instead of:

      Domain name: exampledomain

      User: administrator

      Password: examplepassword

      Ultimately this forces our remote service tool Dameware to leave out one of the three text fields, which is the domain name. Without this field filled out no connection to customer computers can be established due to the missing domain name.

      Another weird appearance within this problem is, that if I open Damware on it´s own and fill in the username and the password this way:

      Username: administrator@fullexampledomainname

      Password: examplepassword

      Domain name: “nothing filled in”

      It works just fine…


      This tells me, that Dameware definitely needs the domain name in some way or form to make the connection work. My question is:

      Does a setting in Dameware exist, that  splits up exampledomainname\administrator in a way that Damware can work with it such as:

      Domainname: exampledomainname and Username: administrator?

      Or is there another way to make Dameware “realize”, that “exampledomainname\administrator” already contains all the information it needs?

      Any help is much appreciated!

      Thanks in advance!