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    apc basic output status alert


      trying to find how I can use the custom poller   to setup a alert when the unit is on battery

      when setting up my alert this is how I have but I cannot figure how to setup for it to recognize it .


      upsBasicOutputStatus - 2  online

      upsBasicOutputStatus - 3 is on battery


      oid =


      when I test the universal poller when on battery it changed from 2 to 3

      when running normal it shows 2

      or could someone show me a way I could have this setup to alert when it does switch to battery .

      I searched and found documents from 2008 but nothing with the changes to the way the wording is for alerts for the current version of the npm

      any and all help is appreciated

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          HI morf3322


          You're on to a good start, having already created the custom poller. What you need to do next is assign it to the node (if you haven't already done so). Next, you need to configure an Advanced Alert for it. The details below are for NPM prior to 11.0.1 and older:


          1. Log on to your primary poller
          2. Open the Advanced Alert Manager
          3. Click 'Configure Alerts' and then click
          4. In the 'Trigger Condition' tab, for the 'Type of Property to Monitor' drop down, select 'Custom Node Poller'.
          5. In the trigger conditions, add in either the poller name or OID as the first condition.
          6. For the second condition, select 'value' and then equal to and then "3" (without the quotes).
          7. Complete the configuration in the other tabs as required, but I suggest you add a trigger action to send yourself an email when the alert fires off, at least initially.


          The new alert will then trigger when the unit is on battery power, and send you an email when it happens. If you like, you could add in another email to the reset actions, so you know when power is restored.


          Hope that helps. If you need further guidance with the alert, let me know.

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              this is for nmc version 11.5

              I don't see any way for a value  this is what I get  2015-05-18_19-03-49.jpg


              what one should I use and what should I put after ?

              I saw that one  and I used as a comparison  for this but I tried several things and nothing works so far

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                  Ah. the infamous web alert manager. Sadly all the instances I support are running 11.0.1. I'm waiting on positive vibes from the community before I upgrade to SR 11.5.1, so I haven't got 11.5 in front of me to walk you through it. However, thanks to oriondemo.solarwinds.com, I can see what you see, and can help:


                  Next field you need is:


                  Custom Node Poller | CUrrent Value (Custom Poller Current Status) | is equal to | 3


                  This means that when OID is equal to 3 it will fire off the alert.