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    NCM 7.4 RC2 is Available on Customer Portal


      Please read the below information:


      This README describes two issues related to installing or upgrading to NCM 7.4 RC2 software. 


      Issue #1:

      An NCM server host with SolarWinds NPM installed cannot install or upgrade to NCM 7.4 RC2 until the NPM is ugraded to NPM 11.5.2 RC1.



      BEFORE INSTALLING OR UPGRADING TO NCM 7.4 RC2, upgrade NPM to version 11.5.2 RC1 or higher.


      Issue #2

      The NCM 7.4 RC2 software upgrade does not add the latest available NIST and DISA STIG compliance reports.



      AFTER UPGRADING from NCM 7.4 RC1 to RC2, follow these procedures:


      1. Open the Orion Web Console.
      2. Click Settings, and then click NCM Settings.
      3. Click Manage Policy Reports.
      4. Click All in the View Reports by Folder list.
      5. Select all reports and then click Delete.
      6. Close Orion Web Console.
      7. Run the SolarWinds Configuration Wizard.
      8. Verify the policy reports.
        • Open the Orion Web Console.
        • Click Settings, and then click NCM Settings.
        • Click Manage Policy Reports.
        • Click on NIS FISMA Reports. 4 reports should appear in the list in the naming format: NIST-Access_Lists.xml, NIST-Management.xml, NIST-RemteAccess.xml, and NIST-Services.xml.
        • Click on DISA STIG Reports.


        11 reports should appear in the list:


        DISA STIG-V8R18-CSCO-L2SW-AAA.xml,

        DISA STIG-V8R18-CSCO-L2SW-Accounts.xml,

        DISA STIG-V8R18-CSCO-L2SW-Inactive Ports.xml,

        DISA STIG-V8R18-CSCO-L2SW-Logging.xml,

        DISA STIG-V8R18-CSCO-L2SW-Misc Services.xml,

        DISA STIG-V8R18-CSCO-L2SW-NTP.xml,

        DISA STIG-V8R18-CSCO-L2SW-OOB Network.xml,

        DISA STIG-V8R18-CSCO-L2SW-SNMP.xml,

        DISA STIG-V8R18-CSCO-L2SW-SSH.xml,

        DISA STIG-V8R18-CSCO-L2SW-VLAN 1.xml,

        DISA STIG-V8R18-CSCO-L2SW-VTY and Console.xml.