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    Help with setting up of CABs


      Good morning all,


      I am having a brain fart at the moment and was hoping someone could supply some information to assist me:


      I have set up some Change Advisory Boards in the system and all seems to be working fine except for one small issue.... the system sends out the email to the clients that I have set up for each of the boards (this part works nicely), the client opens the email and presses the voting option (deny - hide, deny show explanation, approve - hide explanation, approve - show explanation). Email opens and the client adds in comments and submits the email


      The e-mail is ingested into the WHD system and appears in the ticket that the CAB was raised under, and here is where the issue is


      The approvals section does not reflect the votes from the clients


      Now if the client used the web page to complete this process all works perfectly


      Has anyone got suggestions on what I may be doing wrong


      Appreciate all your help in advance



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          Hi Dave,


          While there are a lot of improvements that could be made, we have been using the WHD approval process without problems ( via web or email ).

          Have you checked that the emails are arriving or have notifications set up if the approval email is not formatted correctly?  


          It is somewhat hidden but you can check both of these in the E-Mail -> Incoming Mail Accounts.   Clicking on the configured E-Mail Account opens 3 new tabs.

          The notification could tell you if there are problems ( i.e. Vote subject parms missing) with certain approval emails and the E-Mail history should verify that emails are being received.


          I don't remember any other settings specific to approvals via email.  Hope this may help.