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    LEM on Server with 2 NIC




      We've installed lem agent on server that is located on DMZ. After installation, the server show on LEM console but after a few minutes it became offline. We've tried restarting the service and re-installing the lem agent but the server still shows disconnected. Is there any necessary steps that we need to do if lem is installed on server that has 2 network card?




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          Can you check out the spoplog.txt for anything interesting?


          On Windows, it'll be in C:\Windows\SYSWOW64\ContegoSPOP.


          Did some more digging and found this as well:


          1. Stop the Solarwinds Log and Event Manager Agent Service
          2. In that same folder, open spop.conf
          3. Add this line:
            • ForcedLocalAddress=
            • (Change the IP to the desired IP you'd like the agent to log from)
          4. Save the spop.conf
          5. Restart the service


          The LEM agent will now prefer the NIC with the defined IP over the other.  This may fix some of the behavior of one node using two licenses, but the LEM also infers new sources from what it sees in the logs.  If the logs on the server contain multiple IPs, that can still take up node licenses.