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    Exchange Powershell Issue After Configuring for SolarWinds Monitor




      I'm working on configuring Exchange for a customer that uses Solar Winds for monitoring. I've been referred to this article to do that:


      SolarWinds Online Help < Not sure if this link will work because every time I paste the link it defaults to SolarWinds Online Help, article name is called 'Manually Configuring Exchange Server'


      I'm running this on a Windows 2012 R2 server which has Powershell 4.0 installed, along with both the CAs and mailbox roles of Exchange 2013. Part of the configuration required in this guide is to install PowerShell 2.0. After installing this, and after making all of the other configuration contained in the article, I get the following error when launching Exchange Management Shell:


      "Connecting to remote server 'servername' (i.e. my server) failed with the following error message: The WinRM client cannot process the request. it cannot determine the content type of the HTTP response from the destination computer. The content type is absent or invalid."


      I've checked through various articles that state that the 'Require SSL' should be removed from the Powershell virtual directory, and to check that Kerberos module is native rather than manager, but all of that checks out. What I have found is that after making the changes in the article, the web.config file in the Powershell virtual directory on the default web site is changed. Specifically, these are the changes that are causing me an issue:





                      <windowsAuthentication enabled="true" authPersistSingleRequest="true" authPersistNonNTLM="true" useKernelMode="true" useAppPoolCredentials="true" />




      If I remove these line, the file matches the pre-change state, and after removing the lines, Exchange Shell works just fine.


      Does anyone know what might be the cause of this?