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    Moving Solarwinds Orion to a new datacenter


      We are currently using Solarwinds Orion with NPM, SAM, NCM, IPAM, Netflow, VMAN and UDT.  We also use the web help desk.  All of these use one "solarwindsSQL" server for their database.  We have two datacenters and this Orion server polls resources in both (1GB link between sites).  The Orion server is not in the same datacenter as our mail server, so when the link between sites goes down (as it has a handful of times recently) we are unable to get any notifications about it until it comes back up defeating part of its purpose.


      I realize it's not likely to be an easy process, but I'd like a few suggestions from those able to provide them.  I was thinking about keeping the servers themselves in tact, and just moving the VMs to the new data center, configuring IP addresses, etc. as each datacenter is on a different subnet.  Any ideas on how much effort it would take to reconfigure all the Orion modules?  Could I just go through the setup of each again and make sure all the connections, IPs, DNS names, etc are correct?  I figure I'd also have to reconfigure all of my switches that forward netflow data and maybe even change SNMP settings on switches and servers.  I could probably script the servers, at least.  Any other pitfalls that I haven't thought of?  Any other advice? Thanks in advance.

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          The  only pitfalls, depending on the size of your environment is:


          Syslog IPs will need to be updated on all monitored nodes if you are using this (very helpful for NCM change notifications)

          SNMP Traps IPs will need to be updated on all hosts (faster notifications and alerts when a node/interface/service goes down)

          SNMP whitelist if used will need to be updated on all nodes

          ACLs Firewall Rules will need to be updated, especially if locked down on individual hosts and segments of the network.


          Other than that you may need to adjust your dependencies, alerts and Maps, as the perspective of your orion server will change completely.


          We are getting ready to do the same. May look into a second polling server, email gateway, and email server at the second datacenter. This way you will know even if the primary site is down.