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    How long to connect?


      I am using DameWare Mini Remote Control to connect to people on my network.  Takes about 3-4 minutes to finally connect to them.  I am usuing configuration that pushes ini file  Prob another min after user clicks accept also.  Is this normal or is there some setting / configuration issue here?

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          There is no setting to delay the time to connection. What OS are you connecting to? The version you stated had only just added Windows 7 Support and is about 5 years old. There have been a lot of version upgrades and changes pertaining to the agent and connection settings.

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              Connecting to Win 7.  Yes I know there are newer versions but I guess our

              license is only good for version we have

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                  I would say this number seems a bit high, but it also depends on a bunch of external factors as well.  Where is the other device located vs. where you are?  What is the connection and latency like between the two devices?  Is it taking the full 60 seconds for the user to accept the connection?

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                      Connection seems to be 3-4 minutes no matter where they are on the

                      network.  IE, doesent matter if they are on same subnet or not, takes 3-4

                      minutes, then an additional min even AFTER user accepts pop up message on

                      their PC.


                      Could it have something to do with the .ini file we (as a company) are



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