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    Cisco ASA 5525-X VPN Session Monitoring via UDP


      Hi there,


      Been looking to setup a page that will list all of our VPN session in NPM, I have looked through the various threads here already and have something in place but I can't seem to be able to get the username field displayed to show me exactly who's connected, I only every get a value of 1 for the 'crasSVCNumSessions' or more if there are more than 1 user connected.


      I have ran the 'show snmp-server oidlist' on the ASA device and I get an OID of that should show crasVpnUsername however when I do a MIB walk using the engineers toolset for the device this OID is not listed and hence I cannot select it, nor can I create a custom poller using UDP as again it doesn't recognise the OID I want to select.


      Any ideas as to why the Cisco ASA device lists this but MIB Walker or UDP doesn't?


      We are currently running NPM v10.7.