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    Patch Manager Wsus version mismatch




      This is my first post here.  I am trying setup Patch manager for 3rd party updates and I am running into the following error:




      How can I resolve this.



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          Adam Stephen

          Make sure Both the Patch Manager WSUS Upstream Server and the Additional Upstream Server Have the Same KB updates for WSUS.  To verify that you will have to open the default WSUS console not patch manger and click on the wsus server and under WSUS Overview check version.  Once they are on the current version as each other yu then can try to push.  Let me know if you have questions.



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              I typically will go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> View Installed Updates and scroll down to the bottom once the list is filled out to see the specific KB (and WSUS Console version) for the "Windows Server Update Services" updates that are listed there. 


              If i do that on both machines (Patch Manager server and WSUS server)  I can compare them and be SURE that the versions match, and if they don't I can see right there which one has a KB that is not present on the other and what the KB number of that update is.