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    Consequence of older version of agent?


      I know that since version 5.7, auto-update of the LEM agents is supported across most platforms.We're currently on LEM 6.1 (the most current). However, if we still have systems running older versions of the agent, specifically, Linux, what would be the consequences of this? There's reasons why the agents haven't been updated so I'm concerned about how these older agents normalize and process events, especially going forward with future LEM upgrades.

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          I don't know if there are immediate issues, but the updated agents are always stream-lined and patched.  If there were security concerns between manager and agent, those would be fixed in new released.  You'll also miss out on any new features that require the new agent, eg the FIM on the new Windows Agent.  Linux agents don't have anything like that yet, but if they ever do, you'll need to upgrade to get them.