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    Changes not reflecting




      I have deployed the Alert central via ova. There is no issue with setup process. Problem is, when I create a Alert policy that is not reflect suddenly.


      To clear understand my problem,


      I have created a mail account in alert central , from where the alert central need to fetch the mail. After configure the setup, I come and see the dashboard . I don't see any alerts. But at the same time, I can see in my mail server log that Alert central IP had logged in my mail server and fetch the mails. I sit hole day to troubleshoot the issue. Unfortunately I couldn't identify it. Next day, I came to office and log into my alert central dash board. I just shocked. All my alerts are in dashboard. Its so weird.


      I thought , problem may be somewhere. So continue on setup the alerts group mapping. After create the grouping, the problem has started. means, the alerts are not mapped to appropriate group. Even I couldn't fix this issue. But Next day, I came and see the dashboard. All the alerts are mapped with appropriate group.



      Can someone please tell me, is there any configuration settings that relates to this issue. ?.