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    SWIS V2 not good with NPM 11.5.1



      Nodes created with SWIS V2 in NPM 11.5.1 look & work okay in NPM< but there is something missing with the NCM integration so you can't add them to NCM, or carry out any of the NCM functions against them.


      it's something deep in the database, because the only way to fix it is to delete & recreate the node

      [CASE# 802801]


      Nodes created with swisV3 work okay, though that has its own gotchas:

      a) neither 0 nor 'False' is accepted as a boolean 'false' value

      b) if the API throws a parameter cannot be converted from a string to boolean error it might be a good idea to tell us which one, exactly (no, it's not in the Fault Information)

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          You should use SWISv3 for pretty much everything. In current releases I believe the only thing you still need SWISv2 for is certain NetFlow queries that we haven't ported over yet.


          In what context are you seeing it be finicky about booleans? I'd like to get that fixed.

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              here is my perl

                      my $AddedNode=$swis->Create('Orion.Nodes',



                              ,'IPAddressguid' => ip2guid($ip)




















              it was one of those four values that it seemed to be unhappy about

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              Actually, you think you can add them to NCM, and the API function to add them to NCM works okay, but there is some database glue that is missing so they are invisible to NCM in the Web UI, and you get unhandled exceptions trying to view any of the NCM tiles.

              Removing a swisV2 node from NCM and adding them back in does not fix the problem.