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    L2 / L3 Topology question


      So we have a large number of Cisco devices that were added to NPM manually, not discovered, so the L2 / L3 topology data is suspect... I would like to get all that topology data discovered and maintained... my question is if I start and run a discovery on a /24 subnet and the expected devices are discovered at what point in the discovery wizard is the topology data actually written to the database? I don't want to reimport the devices as they already exist in NPM.. just not sure when I can select cancel or if I have to go through the whole wizard but select nothing to import... if that makes any sense...

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          The discovery process will list out all the devices it has found and whether or not they are "new" or "changed" nodes. Changed nodes are ones that already exist in Solarwinds. But nothing changes to the nodes until you import them into Solarwinds after the discovery process has completed. When you import them, you can select if you want to import the topology data.


          You could however also just go on the particular device and select List Resources for it. And then select the "Topology: Layer 3" and "Topology - Layer 2" options.