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    Alerts for custom pollers unavailable after 11.5 upgrade?


      After upgrading to 11.5.1, I noticed that all of my alerts that rely on universal device pollers didnt migrate to the new web based alerts.


      "object/properties used in trigger.reset contidions are not yet supported in new web based alerting."


      Any ideas how to work around this? Any idea when these will be available again? We rely HEAVILY on those poller alerts to know when a remote site has a UPS battery go bad, and even more importantly when they switch to battery so our helpdesk can anticipate calls and prepare to redirect call queues to another location. Most of my alerts that I get day to day are based on these custom pollers.

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          We are about 3 weeks out from starting our upgrades.  We were planning on 11.5.1, but we may hold off if UDP alerts aren't migrating over. 

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            Sorry. I contacted support and they assisted. I forgot to update this. Here is their response...


            Reference to your concern, setting up alert for custom poller is still available on the alert (web base). You may see the instruction below to get you started and see if this will help you set-up that custom poller:


            1. Go to Orion web console >> Home >> Alert Sub Tab >> Click Manage Alert (Green button – upper right hand).
            2. Click on “Add New Alert” (plus sign)
            3. Properties Tab – put the name of the alert and description >> Click NEXT
            4. On the first drop down – “I want to alert on” – put it on Custom Node Poller
            5. Then on the “The Actual Trigger Condition” – first line “SELECT Field” >> search box >> Unique Name (will be the for the Custom Poller) >> is equal to >> then enter the name of the exact Custom Poller Name.
            6. Click the green plus sign to create another line >> Add Single Value Comparison >> Select Field – search for “Current Numeric Value” – (this will depend on what value is your custom poller) >> is equal to (or put it on greater than or equal – depending what logic you want to be alerted >> then put the value of the threshold >> NEXT
            7. Reset Condition >> just put it on Reset this alert when trigger condition is no longer true
            8. Time of day – leave default
            9. Trigger Action – Add Action >> select your action and it will be the same logic as the old one.
            10. In selecting variables, just do a search as it will be different query now from the old one
            11. Reset Action – same as the Trigger Action
            12. Summary – will show you the summary of the alert