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    Dependencies Varible for Alert Email


      Is there a variable in NPM where I can get the parent node/group name of a node goes that into 'Unreachable' status?

      I'm trying to add a simple line to our alert emails like this:


      Parent Node: ${parentNodeName}


      I know I can do this with a SQL query in SWQL:

      SELECT Caption

      FROM Orion.Nodes as n

      JOIN Orion.Dependencies as d

      ON n.NodeID = d.ParentNetObjectID

      WHERE d.ParentNetObjectID = {{AlertedNodesParentNetObjectID}}


      The only problem with importing this into the Alert Manager is I don't know how to get the value for {{AlertedNodesParentNetObjectID}} dynamically from the alert.


      Anyone know how to do this? It's not a biggie, but would be nice to have!




      PS I'm on NPM 11.5.1, so I have the new web based alert editor.