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    Doing silent install of MRC 11.2 does not input license information


      Hi.  I'm trying to do a silent install of MRC version 11.2.  The install is succeeding, but it is not passing along the license information.  Whenever I open MRC it pops up asking me to license it.  I am using code I found on this website, inputing my own information but using the same syntax:


      fileName.exe /args "/qn APPDIR=\"C:\Program Files\DameWare programName\" reboot=reallysuppress SILENT=yes INSTALLSTANDALONE=1 SA_KEY=licenseKey SA_EMAIL=emailAddress SA_FIRST_NAME=firstName SA_LAST_NAME=lastName /L*V %temp%\Install.log"


      Everything looks good, but I can't figure out why it won't take the license key.  Any help would be appreciated thanks!