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    DameWare Centralized Server Global Host List


      We don't keep information in AD like user names in description fields for computer objects, therefore unfortunately something like an AD Import for the global hosts list will not work for me. However, I am able to automate the creation of a list in CSV or XML of hosts, IP Addresses, and Aliases (which will be user names). Does DameWare Centralized Server have any local file or registry key that maintains the global hosts list that I can simply replace in order to update the global hosts list?

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          Is there any way that I can access the DameWare Server DB file? Would the global hosts list be stored in that file by any chance?

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              I checked with R&D and they confirmed a couple things.  First, we highly recommend you do not access the DB file.  For your use case we recommend you follow these steps here.


              The section of main importance here is:

              File Import

              You can import XML, CVS, and DWHL files.

              To import a host list:

              1. Under Central Server, click Global Hosts.
              1. On the actions toolbar, click Import from File.
              1. Click Browse, and select the host list file.
              1. Click Import.

              CVS files must use the following format:

              • Hostname, IP-address, Alias
              • Hostname, IP-address, Alias

              Each host is contained in a single line, and each host field is separated by a comma.

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                  Thank you. I'm happy with this, and was aware of the method for importing into the global host list. However, is there any way that I could automate importing the CSV or XML file into the global hosts list? For example, could I run any command line operation that would import a specific file into the Global Hosts list?


                  Also, with the ability to use folders in the Global Hosts list, is there a way to do create a single import file that could specify folders that the hosts can be organized in? As far as I can tell, when you do an import it only imports all hosts in the file into the folder that you have selected.


                  Perhaps if these features are not available, they should be suggested for a future release of DameWare?