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    Concerning Custom Charts


      Hey Everyone,



      I have looked all over the admin guide and online looking for a solution but can't seem to find anything.

      I recently updated my NPM to the latest 11.5 version and some of my charts no longer have the ability change the width of the chart.

      I have attached two screenshots, the first being what I'm trying to achieve, the second what I currently have. I noticed that the first type of chart

      says "Custom Chart" while the other does not.

      However, I can't find anything on how to switch the chart to a custom chart to allow me to change the width. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

      Thank you!

      Below Good Chart(What I want to see)


      What I don't want:


      As you can see, the Battery Temp chart does not have the Customize chart option. I'm at a loss.