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    High response times from switches in NPM web console 11.5.1


      We recently installed the most recent version of NPM on a new Windows Server 2012 VM. For the present, we're retaining our older version of NPM (10.2.2) on its server, which is a separate VM running Windows Server 2008. Both instances access the SQL DB from a separate SQL server, but each version has its own DB with a unique identifier.


      The issue we're seeing is response times from certain devices much higher in the new version than we see in the old version. For example, all of our infrastructure switches show response time of 0 - 2 ms in the older version of NPM web console, while in the new version the response times from certain switches range from about 8 - 20 ms, sometimes spiking up higher than that (they have exceeded the 200 ms alert threshold several times over the last week, a couple of times going up over 1000 ms on at least one node).


      I've been examining the configuration of the web console in detail, but as far as I can see, the two web console applications are set up with the same polling configuration.


      The other thing that's notable is that, as far as I can tell, the high response times seem to come only from our edge switches, which are Aruba S2500 and S3500 Mobility Access Switches - we don't get the high response times from servers or other switches (we have a Cisco Catalyst 6509-E as our core switch and a Catalyst 2970 as our DMZ switch, as well as a couple of Brocade switches for our SAN). However, NONE of our devices show these high response times in the old version of NPM web console.


      Solar Winds tech support hasn't been able to figure this out for us - wondering if anyone else has seen anything similar and has any ideas on things we could be checking.


      Thanks very much.


      Jon Koelker

      Oyster River School District

      Durham, NH