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    NPM 11.0.1 > NPM 11.5.1


      Morning Thwackers!


      Who here has upgraded their instance from NPM 11.0.1 to NPM 11.5.1, and at the same time upgraded SAM from 6.1.1 to 6.2? If you have, were there any issues with your environment after the upgrade? Like many of you, I've been holding off from updating 'till the next SR of NPM was out, and now that it is I'm almost ready to push the button on various customer instances and get those new features in!

      Just looking to benefit from the community experiences with the upgrade before I commit to doing rolling it out

      Also, after running the new SolarWinds Upgrade Advisor, it advised that I can't upgrade as SQL 2012 SP2 isn't supported by either NPM 11.5.1 or SAM 6.2. Now I've been running the current versions on this database with no problems, so I tend to think this is duff information. I've asked the question via the portal (ticket #800601) to get clarification on this, and I'll post the response here when I get it.