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    Network atlas - link aggregation and utilization


      My company currently uses php-weathermap and mrtg/rrd to get a utilization status and graphs for our network devices.  I have recently started looking at network atlas in NPM to generate similar information and I have hit a bit of a snag.

      Is there a way to isolate specific connections (L2 or L3) when devices have multiple connections of each type between them?  Example: Devices have multiple L2 links (CE and FP) between them, but it looks like the tool aggregates all of the connections to give the utilization.


      I have attached a picture that has 3 links, auto-connected layer 2 and layer 3 as well as a manually connected link between 2 interface objects(Po1) all showing the same utilization which is not the case.  When I mouse over the links it gives a list of all the connected ports between devices, I am interested in seeing utilization for specific ports.


      Also, is there a way to manually aggregate multiple connections on a switch to get a utilization number for just the specific ports?  Example:  A switch that has several connections to servers from different groups, and I am interested in having just group A servers utilization aggregated together and visible as a single object.