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    Default email alerts don't work


      I seem to have found an odd one. I am configuring Alerts, and twice now, I have not been able to trigger an email using whatever trigger action was in that template.


      What I did was, I copied an existing Alert, and modified it for my own needs, setting up all the trigger conditions and stuff. I get to the Trigger Actions, and configure the email message using the Trigger Action that was already in there, changing the email addresses, etc.. Once I'm done, I press the "simulate" button, and I get an email. I save the alert, and then run a test by triggering the condition (disconnect a test server's NIC for example), and I never receive that email. I can look at the active Alerts for that Node, and I even see that Alert was queued. But for some reason, that email never gets out.


      What I have to do is copy whatever message variables I want from the original, DELETE the existing Trigger Action, and then create a new email Action. Only then so all of my tests work, and I receive the email notification.


      So far as I can tell, my newly created Alert looks identical to the one that came over from the Template.


      What in blazes is going on?




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          There has to be a difference. You should be able to modify email alert action with no worries.


          To me it sounds like the SMTP server details are not filled out on your template, or time of day is not configured correctly. But to know for sure, please post up a picture of each of the 5 tabs in the E-Mail/Page Action trigger so that I can have a look.