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    Windows Update Scan conflicting with WSUS Report


      I'm sure this has been asked many times, but could anyone tell me why the Windows Update Scan tool in Patch Manager gives different results from the WSUS reporting feature? When I choose a machine, choose Computer Explorer, and click on the Windows Update Scan tab I receive the report of the patch status on the machine. The problem is the default interface, quite often, conflicts with the number of (approved) patches needed for the specific system. For example today the approved update summary for a specific machine shows 3 updates not installed, but if I do the Windows Update Scan on the machine it shows the machine as fully patched. The machine has reported in just today so the odds of the the WSUS having unreported data is slim. I have seen this issue many, many times to the point my co-workers feel the scan tab is useless. Any help would be appreciated.



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          The data that displays is not real time.  It will only display what status was at the last detect now.  The update scan tab runs wmi calls and then gives you up to that time info.  I have detect and report now tasks twice a day but if I change something in that time I can run a detect now on the target group or that single PC to update the data as needed.  Its frustrating but that is just how it works with PM.  Also I have seen in my experience at least that a PC will show last contact date as not current even though the PC is connected and communicating and I have to refresh GPO to get it to update that data view so I have a scheduled task that refreshes GPO on all PCs each day as well