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    losing my mind


      Rant - tickets open


      When going to either discovery or regular add a node when it comes to selecting the vcenter polling user name and password it fails ... but if i go to virtualization summary and find the server click it and added it as a managed node ..



      I have done this 100 of times already and constantly having to do this , and when i turn on integration with VManager i seem to have to do it all over again it is becoming s serious pain in the ass



      I have nodes that i have deleted but when I try to re-added them i get ( number ) doesn't exists in the node table



      I have disks that are no longer tied to machines showing up in  my appstack as red disks constantly having to go in and find them and delete them....



      My capacity charts cant use the zoom in feature once you select say 24 hours you cant select anything else with out refreshing the page



      My patience has run thin and its getting very hard keep trying to get modules purchased when these upgrades are killing what we have already ..



      I get asked a lot to speak to other companies looking to purchase these products  which i dont mind doing but recently its getting hard to advise anyone to purchase them or upgrade to the newest releases..



      I have engaged at a cost loop1 to come and evaluate my environment due to all these post upgrade issues



      extremely frustrated user , purchaser


      has anyone else had these issues and any fixes as of right now I turned off the integration and all the nodes I fixed and once again not managed and always have been managed since these last upgrades