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    Reports for Missing Data in NPM


      After we ran the integration wizard we noticed that a few hosts did not have datastore information in spite of having both the storage and virtualization tabs to indicate that we had run the wizard.  I'm looking for two reports and I thought I'd ask before I spent a few hours sorting through the SQL tables trying to figure it out for myself.


      1)  A report that shows a list of nodes, by vCenter, datacenter and cluster, that are not attached to data collected by VIM.  (We do exclude some clusters from VIM data collection hence needing them sorted by vCenter, datacenter and cluster)

      2)  A list of datacenter/hosts/clusters that do exist in Virtualization Manager but not in the Orion console or vice-versa.  (I'm not picky -- either one would be helpful).


      I'll start working on this one in a few hours but I thought I'd ask if such a beast existed first.