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    IPMonitor, what does it do


      What does it not do?  Coming from a company that used full blown Orion NPM, which could show bandwidth statistics, uptime, latency, etc.  I have been digging through IPmonitor at my new job trying to find any kind of reporting similar to this other than node down, node up, and even for that I cant seem to find a report that shows when it went down and for how long.  For example, one node went down over the weekend, but I don't know why, nor for how long it was down other than the emails sent from event.  Does it have a PING report that shows response time in a chart?

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          IpMonitor is similar to NPM.  It is considered a small to medium business tool, where as NPM is for enterprises. You can go into the monitor and click the View Report button.  This will give you statistics for the monitor.