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    NTA setup for Avaya VSP 4000/7000


      Has anyone had any luck with configuring NTA to monitor traffic from VSPs? I have the VSPs monitored through NPM, but no traffic statistics are showing up in NTA. It states that I am not gathering NetFlow traffic. I have automatic addition of NetFlow sources enabled, as well as just about everything in the NTA settings. Is there something that needs to be configured on the VSPs?


      FYI, I am new to Avaya products, coming from Cisco and HP ProCurve environments.


      Please Advise and Thanks,


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          Well, you need to enable Netflow or IPFIX export on your VSP first. Please check Avaya documentation or support how to do so (should be possible, but I haven't found exact config step).

          NTA just listens to flows (opposed to SNMP based NPM which actively polls for data) and process them to be able to report you some useful data.

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            As choly has already mentioned, you need to enable IPFIX and state the exporter/collector configuration (check the 'Serviceability menu').


            I've achieved this in the past using ERS 8300/8600 switches - but as I recall, when we acquired some 56xx switches, the IPFIX port appeared to be restricted and couldn't be changed (could be speaking out of turn, but presumably to favour Avaya's IP Flow Manager).

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