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    ESXi Status Alert


      I am trying to setup an alert in Orion for when my ESX hosts are not in a good state.  Orion will show the ESX status as down (as seen in the screenshot below) when there is a problem.  This value is stored in the database as VIM_Hosts.OverallStatus.  I tried to create a regular alert on this but could not find a value for it in the Advanced Alert manager so I figured I would try and create a Custom SQL Alert for it.  When I try to create a Custom SQL Alert it keeps telling me that my Trigger Condition is incomplete (as seen in the screenshot below).  When I run the same query in SQL Management studio it works just fine.


      Any help on how I might be able to get a functioning alert on this would be much appreciated; thanks in advance!


      ESX Orion Status

      ESX Down.png

      Custom SQL Query

      Custom SQL Alert.png