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    Tech Notes in Custom Email


      The main thing I am trying to accomplish is a ticket email that is sent out to our IT department and the client who opened the ticket upon ticket closure. For some reason, I cannot get the closed template to work so I had to create an action rule to send an email after the ticket status is changed to closed.


      I am not fond of this option because the email is very sparce on details. Basically it says the ticket number, who it was closed by, and has the request detail. I would like it to have a similar format to when an email comes through for a submitted ticket, or a ticket update request where it has all the details and notes of the ticket included. Or at the very least, the last few tech notes added so we can see what the tech said about the resoulotion of the ticket before he/she closed it.


      I've been digging through all of the help desk files to try and find where it stores the email templates and variables and what-not as well to see if I had to do some tweaking but havent had much luck. (But I did update all of our icons and a few other things while I was digging. )


      Any insight would be great!