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    need help with report


      Hello, pretty new to NPM and I need to create a report on a number of attributes on servers.  I fairly quickly found all I needed except for two items.  These two attributes are listed in NODE DETAILS so I know the information is some place.  When I look in the web based reporting where I search to add another item to the table, though, these two attributes are nowhere to be found.  One of them is HARDWARE (is the node physical or virtual) and NO OF CPUS.  While there is plenty of stuff about CPUs to add, none of them are for the number of CPUs.  As I said, that information must be somewhere.  How else would it show up in the NODE DETAILS?  I went to even edit the NODE DETAILS, thinking I would get a clue there, but the only thing in there is the title and the subtitle.  Please advise and thank you.