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    Alerts on Child nodes not recognized by Dependency


      Hi Folks,

      I'm new to Thwack and NPM.

      I have 60+ physical offices on my network, and I have established a dependency for each site where the site's WAN Router is the parent to a child group containing various nodes.  Each child group contains a site's Video Conference node in addition to other nodes.  I have a single UP/DOWN alert enabled for all the Video Conference (VC) units on my network, using custom properties as variables to id the individual VC units.  These Video Conference alerts trigger 15 minutes after the appropriate VC node stops responding and reset 5 minutes after it's back up.  They also send out their trigger and reset actions properly.

      I noticed a few weeks ago that our site dependencies do not seem to be working as expected.  We swapped out a site router (dependency parent), and while that router was down the VC unit at that site (a member of the site's group of child objects) still triggered it's alert and sent emails based on the VC alert.  I've since taken a look at these dependencies and see that none of the dependencies show any alerts in the "Alerts on Child" list.  (I'm not sure if that matters as it's not actually the group that has the alert, but a node within the group.)


      How do i get these dependencies to recognize the Up/Down alerts that are set up for the child nodes?


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions. . .