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    How to have a trap alarm query the DB for more info b4 emailing alert


      Hello fellow Solarwinders.


      I have this situation where I created an alarm that emails a bunch of information when a trap saying BGP neighbor was lost/found.


      My collegues are asking to have additional information in the email, information that the trap does not supply.


      The trap supplies the IP address of the interface, My collegues want to have the interface ID (ie:Gi0/1) and the interface alias (description).


      How can I have the alarm search for that information in the database and include it in the email being sent to our group.


      More details can be sent as requested.


      Thank you in advance for your time.

        • Re: How to have a trap alarm query the DB for more info b4 emailing alert

          OK, I found some more information that allowed me to go further with this project, but I'm stuck again.


          Here is my query:

          ${SQL:SELECT NodeIPAddress.InterfaceIndex, Interfaces.Caption
          FROM [dbo].[NodeIPAddress] ON ospfNbrIpAddr=NodeIPAddress.IPAddress
          INNER JOIN [dbo].[Interfaces] ON Interfaces.InterfaceID = NodeIPAddress.InterfaceIndex}


          Here is the trap message:

          Received Time:6/11/2015 10:21:13 AM



          Variable Bindings



          ospfNbrAddressLessIndex:= 0


          ospfNbrState:= down(1) (1)

          snmpTrapOID:= OSPF-MIB:ospfTraps.0.2 (

          sysUpTime:= 12 days 15 hours 40 minutes 48.64 seconds (109324864)


          snmpTrapEnterprise:= OSPF-MIB:ospfTraps (


          So I am trying to do a search with the IP in the variable "ospfNbrIpAddr".   Anyone can tell me what I'm doing wrong?