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    showing Universal Device Poller temperature with an down / warning icon or even red/ yellow color


      I have an email alert and a dashboard that displays the results of a UDP-derived temperature.  Due to  an email issue and personnel not noticing/ reacting to what was being displayed on my summary page, I'm being asked to make my display of results more visible (literally).  I've seen some queries that leverage node status icons and interface status icons for status of nodes/ interfaces, but nothing yet that addresses my use case:


      is there a way to take the Up.gif, Down.gif, Warning.gif (etc) and place those on a summary view when a temperature is at a certain threshold?


      I've thought about an event viewer approach (since if I'm not mistaken), events all seem to inherit some color.  I've thought about the Transform option to parse (which I understand could strip off a plus or minus from a temperature).  Could a parse or some flavor of UDP transform turn an integer range into an icon?  For example, below 90 degrees F would be warning/ yellow, and above 90 degrees F would be down/ red.


      Anyone done something like this?  Know how it could be done?  Possible via SWQL somehow?