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    Large amount of web (port 80) traffic being reported from powered down node.




      We are currently trying to figure out why we have a large amount of traffic being reported from to a node (server) that is powered off. We have an environment with 3 sites which are all linked. solarwinds is currently reporting a large amount of web traffic (ingress TCP from netflow endpoint) from one of our site links which is going to a VM which is a citrix server that is powered down. It is reporting gigabytes of data to this VM's node, the traffic is being reported from a site link which relates to one port on a switch (which is the site link). We believe that the traffic is our internet traffic, but is not being reported correctly. If anyone can help us with troubleshooting this would be a great help.


      I've attached a photo of what is being reported the top host in dark blue is the Citrix VM.