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    QoE Network Tap in vSwitch environment


      We're tinkering with the QoE setup in our environment, but have a bit of an issue with how we'll set it up.  We've rolled the agent out to a couple machines for testing, but I'm concerned about the draw it will have on a major PROD server.  As for the network tap, we can do this, but we won't be catching everything.  Consider this:


      My entire 'datacenter' is in a blade enclosure, running VMWare, with (2) 10GB uplinks to my core switch, which feeds to the rest of my metro-e.  From client to server, about 1/3 of my clients (figure 250) feed across the metro-e and eventually flow through the uplinks, which I could tap at the switch level.  These are my 'fat clients' - easy.


      Now the other 2/3 of my clients connect to a load balancer, which feeds to 6 RDS servers - this is where the greater bulk of my 'user experience' is - as most of our LOB apps are running on these boxes.  Problem is, they're all virtualized in my blade chassis - which basically means the comm from the RDS to any given 'app' server is at the vswitch level.


      So, I realize I could use the network tap in conjunction with a few agents rolled out to critical servers (well, at least I BELIEVE that I can mix these methods) - but I'd really like to just isolate a single tap and call it a day.  So, has anyone done anything with distributed vswitch, NSX?  I can visualize how I would do this, just would like to know if it's been done in production and how well it works.