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    Merging Tickets Bug?


      Several times a user will create a ticket, then later on create another ticket about the same issue.


      I have checked botch tickets, then merged them, but although they merge the data into the one ticket, but tickets still remain. Hopefully this is not intended. We are finding that we work on the one ticket, but the other remains OPEN, and after a few days, the techs are wondering why the OPEN ticket exists.


      How is the merging suppose to work?

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          This is the way it works:


          You have three tickets all same issue; #1, 2 and 3. You merge them into the newest ticket which is #3.  1 and 2 get closed and a note is added #3 for each of the other tickets.  Now #3 contains references to #1 and #2 and remains open until a tech closes it.

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            Hi bvondeylen


            There are some options in Setup for Merged Tickets behaviour so you might need to check here:


            Setup> Tickets> Status Types> Options> When Tickets are Merged


            You can even have it delete those duplicate tickets if you want. Ours go to Cancelled instead of Closed so I can easily exclude them from reports & such