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    Update Not Applicable


      We created a custom package to push out a MSP file for some Office 2013 changes that we have changed. i originally created the rule to check for office 2013 install reg key. It would work fine on some, but not others. On the ones it would fail, it would come back with the following error: 

      Details: Update not applicable. Unable to find the Update by ID to perform the requested operation. The update may not be applicable for the selected computer Result Code: 0x80240003


      I then decided to change the pre-req to check for Windows 7 OS instead, and i received the same error. I need to push this out to a couple of hundred lab machines as we are going to be migrating to O365 soon. I contacted Solarwinds for support, but their response was they don't support custom packages. Any suggestions\comments would be appreciated.