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    Disk space alerting/threshold's


      One thing we cannot get our heads around with NPM is disk space alerting and thresholds, with our previous platform "Opmanager" this was just soo simple and it worked yet there does not appear to be any kind of concept in NPM for this , it all has to be hand cranked (not acceptable when you have 450 servers).


      What we want is the ability to have a bunch of servers alert when free disk space gets to 2Gb (for example) of what ever the size of the disk is irrespective of what those disks are  (C,D 10Gb, 40Gb, 400Gb etc) and then apply that as a template to those servers we want to have that alert/threshold



      .So far we have had to hand crank out alerts/thresholds like this , which quite frankly is nuts.



      Surely there must be a better , easier and superior way to do this, I cannot believe that a budget product like Opmanager can get this right and Solarwinds cannot ?


      Free space can be changed to GB etc.