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    Unable to click ticket in email, gives 404 Not Found, using WHD internal server host name


      Good Day All,


      I'm having an issue with Web Help Desk.  When an email is sent out regarding a ticket, and the recipient clicks on it, they get a "404 Not Found" error if they are outside the internal Active Directory domain. This is because WHD is using the internal WHD Server Host Name which is only resolvable from within the network. How would I make the necessary changes so that WHD uses an externally available URL in the emails?  For instance, if the server's host name is "internal01.ad.local" but is accessed externally via "support.domain.tld", how can I setup WHD to use the "support.domain.tld" URL when sending emails to techs/clients instead of "internal.ad.local"?  I realize that by making is change I will need to configure our internal DNS servers to accommodate for this change, so that internal access can reach th WHD system via the same URL.  I'm fine with that part, but unsure as to how to configure WHD to use the external URL when sending out emails. This will pose a huge issue for us using WHD in production as there will be many times techs will be updating tickets using mobile devices connecting via cellular sans VPN.


      If there is any additional information that I can supply to assist with this, or clarify further, please let me know. Thank you all again in advance for any assistance you can offer.