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    VIM_ResourcePools - what do columns represent?


      We have SAM, Virtualization Manager and VMWare/vSphere/vCenter installed. I'm trying to develop a report of Resource Pool utilization using the VIM_ResourcePools table. I'm having trouble figuring out what some of the columns in that table represent. By comparing the Resource Pool configuration in vCenter, I've been able to get these:


      VIM_ResourcePools ColumnResource Pool configuration value in vCenter
      VIM_ResourcePools.CpuExpandableCPU Allocation Type
      VIM_ResourcePools.CpuLimitCPU Limit (MHz)
      VIM_ResourcePools.CpuReservationCPU Reservation (MHz)
      VIM_ResourcePools.CpuShareLevelCPU Shares
      VIM_ResourcePools.CpuShareCountCPU Shares Value
      VIM_ResourcePools.MemExpandableMemory Allocation Type
      VIM_ResourcePools.MemLimitMemory Limit (MB)
      VIM_ResourcePools.MemReservationMemory Reservation (MB)
      VIM_ResourcePools.MemShareLevelMemory Shares
      VIM_ResourcePools.MemShareCountMemory Shares Value


      However, I can't figure out exactly what these columns represent. I've compared the reported values for my resource pools in vCenter with the values in VIM_ResourcePools, but I can't figure it out. Can someone tell me, please?











      I know what I think they should represent, but they don't match the values in vCenter. I've tried comparing the values right after VMAN runs the configuration/performance update jobs against the vCenter, but the numbers don't even come close.


      Any assistance is greatly appreciated!