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    Node name in LEM


      Hi all,


      I am new to the LEM tool. I have added all my network devices in LEM, which includes Cisco, Aruba, Riverbed an Palo Alto devices. But some of them showing their node name but others are showing their IP address in the place of node name. When I searched I found that for Cisco switches (3750 series) we have to mention the origin id, then only it shows the node name. But I dont how this configured in Riverbed, Palo Alto and Aruba. If anyone know this, please share your knowledge.


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          I've got a Cisco Nexus switch having the same issue and would like an answer to this question as well.

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              Try the following things;


              - Configure the command logg origin-id hostname in configuration mode


                 ex: switch(config)#logg origin-id hostname



              - Create a dns entry for the node in your dns server and add the node again into the LEM




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              nicole pauls

              DNS is going to be the most general way.


              For agents, node name/IP comes from information the agent itself picks up, since we have a point of presence there.


              For non-agents, node name comes from DetectionIP, which comes from parsing the log data. We pull the DetectionIP from the log message itself and in the case of most (all?) Cisco connectors doesn't use the origin ID, it comes from the source of the syslog data, which is written by the syslog daemon.