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    Custom Reporting in DPA


      The DPA Report options do not give me every thing I am looking for even with the custom report options.   I need to select metrics not available in the standard reports.   And, I need to filter those reports so that I only see a very particular filtered subset.   For example,  I want to see the most executed SQL per time period and what is the average total wait per SQL execution.   That is just one example.  For this example I am trying to identify high use transactions with relatively high wait times and then drill into wait time analysis.   The thought is that this approach gives me the most insight into the user experience....especially if I can filter out noise such as background asynchronous activity that may not directly impact real-time users.


      I am currently running DPA 9.0.150.     I do not see any options to create a brand new custom report.  But, I see that others in the community have cobbled together scripts against the DPA repository that are used in custom alerts.  Is there a place where I can see the DPA data model that helps me build my own report outside of DPA?    Or, am I missing out on how to do this in the current DPA product?